2009 presentations available online

Presentations from the 2009 Nunavut Mining Symposium are now available online. Please note that not all presentations are available. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, please contact us for further information.

The 2009 Nunavut Mining Symposium was held from March 31 – April 2, 2009 in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

Exploration Updates 1

Session Chairs: Linda Ham and Karen Costello

Overview of exploration activity in Nunavut
Karen Costello and Linda Ham, District Geologists, INAC Nunavut Regional Office

Update on the Lac Cinquante Project
Jeff Ward, Vice-President Exploration, Kivalliq Energy Corp

Izok and High Lake base metal projects update
Andrew Mitchell, Development Manager (Canada), OZ Minerals

Community Engagement

Session Chairs: Natalie Griller and John Main

Nunavut Prospector’s Program: Community-based  mineral exploration and training
Gary White, Resident Geologist and Ronnie Suluk, Community Mining Advisor, Mineral  and  Petroleum Resources Division, ED&T

C-NGO/GSC’s community consultation and  engagement  template
Don James, Chief Geologist, C-NGO

Metal Prices, Currencies and Global Growth – Outlook for 2009-10
Patricia Mohr, Vice-President, Economics and Commodity  Marketing Specialist, The  Scotiabank Group

Exploration Updates 1 continued

The Southampton Island Project: new data and  new  ideas on exploration potential
Joyia Chakungal, Research Scientist, C-NGO

Roche Bay magnetite iron project
Steve Roebuck, Vice-President Exploration, Advanced  Explorations

Ferguson Lake Ni – PGE project update
Allison Rippin Armstrong, Starfield  Resources

Meliadine West gold project update
Mark Balog, Vice-President Exploration, Comaplex  Minerals

Mineral exploration and mining in Nunavut: lessons  learned and looking ahead
Gordon MacKay, Director, Mineral and Petroleum  Resources Division, ED&T

Nunavut Coastal Resource Inventory
Janelle Kennedy, Project Coordinator and Corenna Nuyalia, Project  Liaison, Fisheries and  Sealing Division, Department of  Environment

Collaborating to support community involvement in  environmental consulting
Natalie Griller, Ecologist and Community Collaboration Facilitator, Golder Associates

Community engagement and baseline research via  the  Mary River Project Inuit Knowledge Study
Richard Cook, Senior Environmental Scientist, Knight  Piesold

Promoting trades awareness: Miramar’s kimberlite summer camp
Alex Buchan, Manager Community and External  Relations, Newmont – Hope Bay Mining

Regulatory Session

Session Chairs: Spencer Dewar and Kevin Buck

Regulatory Improvement Initiative
Stephen Traynor, Director, Resource Policy and  Programs, INAC

New storage tank systems for petroleum products and  allied petroleum products regulations
Gillian Brown, Compliance Promotion Officer, Environment Canada

Resource development and caribou in Nunavut: finding a balance
Mitch Campbell, Regional Wildlife Biologist, Department  of Environment

Exploration Updates 2

Session Chairs: Eric Prosh and Gary White

Overview of C-NGO and GSC (GEM) geoscience  projects  in Nunavut
Don James, Chief Geologist, C-NGO

Committee Bay Belt – Three Bluffs
Andrew Turner, Project Manager, Committee Bay Resources

Environmental management systems in exploration at  AREVA Resources
Peter Wollenberg, Director, Exploration and Acquisition, AREVA Resources Canada

Uranium exploration in the Thelon – applying science from area selection through to drilling
Gerard Zaluski, District Geologist, Nunavut and NWT, and Rebecca Hunter, Project Geologist, Cameco Corp

GEMs project: Northeastern Thelon geophysical  compilation
Charlie Jefferson, Section Head and Research Scientist,  GSC

Business Development

Session Chairs: Robert Connelly and Dushyenth  Ganesan

Regional Socio-Economic Monitoring Committees
Rhoda Katsak, Qikiqtaaluk Director of Community Operations, ED&T and Chairperson of the Qikiqtaaluk  Socio-Economic Monitoring Committee and  William Hyndman, Policy Analyst, ED&T

Business partnerships in mining and exploration – private sector
Joeffrey Kaludjak, President, Kivalliq Drilling Inc. and  George Demers, Partner and General  Manager, Layne Christensen Canada

Business partnerships in mining and exploration – Inuit  organizations
Brock Junkin, CEO and Hamish Tatty, Chairperson, Sakku  Investments Corp

Transportation infrastructure needs of communities
Alan Johnson, Manager of Transportation Planning, ED&T

Marine transportation infrastructure for the  Baffinland Iron Project
Steve Côté, Marketing Director, Groupe Ocean Inc

Marine transportation issues for Nunavut as they  relate  to mining and exploration
Tim Keane, Operations Manager – Canarctic Shipping (Fednav Ltd)

Advanced Projects

Session Chairs: Linda Ham and Karen Costello

New insights into the Precambrian geology of  northern  Canada
Mary Sanborn-Barrie, Research Scientist, GSC

Hackett River Silver-Zinc Project
Scott Burgess, Operations Manager and Nicole Hoeller, Director Investor Relations, Sabina Silver Corp

Exploration and development on the  Hope  Bay  Gold  Project
Chris Hanks,  Director, Environment and Social Responsibility, Newmont  – Hope Bay Mining

Update on the Kiggavik Project
Nicola Banton, Project Engineer, AREVA Resources Canada

Update on Baffinland’s Mary River Project
Rod Cooper, VP Operations and COO, Baffinland  Iron  Mines

Meadowbank Project update
Bruno Perron, Geology Superintendent, Agnico‑Eagle  Mines

Education and Training

Session Chair: Mike Shouldice

Canadian Mining Credentials Program: Diversifying the workforce in mining
Barbara Kirby, Director Workforce Planning and  Development, MIHR Council

James Bay and ASEP training
Patricia Hamilton, Coordinator for Mining, Northern  College

Training with backbone and heart: motivation  and  mobilization at work
Phillipe Chevalier, Training and Coaching Director, YAB Management, Qikiqtani Employment and Training Consortium

Lessons learned: Saskatchewan training for Cluff  Lake and McLean Lake
Morris Onyshevitch, Northern Affairs and Glen Lafleur, Manager, AREVA Resources Canada

Trades training and mine training in  Nunavut  –  updates
David Ittinuar, Director, Trades Mining and Transportation Programs, Nunavut Arctic College

Building the labour force – opportunities and messages to youth
Mike Shouldice, Kivalliq Dean, Nunavut Arctic College

Keynote address

Sovreignty, security and resource development in Canada’s Arctic
Rob Huebert, Associate Professor, University of Calgary


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